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Product Portfolio (Sales & Marketing)

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Product Portfolio (Sales & Marketing)

Onestep began its Indian operations in 2009 introducing itself as a part of Pharmaceutical Industry. Onestep has very much focused on quality medicines. Onestep operates throughout the country under direct marketing.

Onestep is among those companies who recognize the importance of targeted customer focused marketing. This is the reason the company-structured marketing into divisions focused around the specialty customer. This focus has earned us a preferred ranking with specialist groups. Currently the company is structured into such a marketing division, which is focused around the specialty customer, with dedicated sales teams and product management.

The company aggressively introduces new products every year. This ensures the portfolio stays upgraded with the latest therapy advances.

Onestep produces a range of products. The product portfolio has been strategically designed to cover most fast moving products of mass consumption. These include several Analgesics, Antibiotics, Anti-ulcerants, Anti-Malarial, Calcium preparations, GIT Drugs, Anti-Diarrhoeal, Anti-Worms, Vitamin and Minerals Products, Haematinics, Cough and colds medicines, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Fungal, Cardiac, Anti-hypertensive etc.

India is known for cost effective medicines worldwide. However, the major concerns we have come across are about quality. We at Onestep, care for quality as much as you do.

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